God, you’re so _________ (cute, polite, funny, handsome, sexy, caring, smart, adorable, cuddly). 

I’m falling.


Peter You Suck

Everybody hates you.
Everybody wishes that you were dead.
'Cause Peter you suck.
Peter you suck.
Peter your music is fucking terrible.
Peter you suck.
Peter you suck.
Peter you don’t do anything of value.
Peter you suck.
Write some music but instead you sit and write these bullshit songs.
It’s so self loathing go see a psychiatrist.
I hate the psychiatrist.
Well go see one anyway.
I don’t like the psychiatrist.
You need to go see one. 
See a psychiatrist.
I’m not going.

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This is probably going to hurt me in the long run

But this is the first time I’ve actually felt something for another human being. 

Not just a hookup or a sexual relationship link of pleasure. 

I’m so happy that I’m actually feeling these feelings at all that I feel..


I haven’t had an emotional attachment to another male human in a while that I don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t even care (of course I say this now) if nothing works out. 

The fact that I care; The fact that my heart beats a little quicker; my stomach doesn’t just feel food in it but wings; reminds me that I’m, yes. Human again.




Blue Monday- New Order

I’ve been trying to find this song for LITERALLY 3 months since I heard it at a random pizza place in LA, for the love of god I need a download link

Glad you found this. This is a funkay gem

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